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Question by steve green
April 15, 2020

Hey guys what version do i need to run on windows 7, cheers for the dvd audio extractor... I know, my puter is old, lol

Usha Kumari
Answer by Usha Kumari

The user needs to know which version of DVD Audio Extractor they need to run on Windows 7.

Question by Kay 3
September 26, 2012

I want to extract the audio like I do with any other disc using DVD Audio Extractor, but I've recently encountered a problem. With some of my discs, whenever I pop it in, and try working it, DVD Audio Extractor Freezes on me says it's not responding, and it closes itself out, and I can't get the 6 separate channels out of it. Is there another way to go about doing this that will fix this problem? I would like to extract the audio into 6 different files in WAV Format that sounds good without too much speech being outside of Channel 3. I'm worried that this may be a new problem that I can't deal with on my own without some help. What should I do?

Answer by Leonard Moore

The behavior that you encounter isn't normal. You should be able to use the program with any DVD disc format. To overcome your problem, it's imperative that you upgrade the program's version to the latest one released. This is important, because developer will fix some known errors in newer versions. To upgrade your product, visit the official website and go under Download section. Also, check the site mentioned above for a tutorial.

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